We are pleased to announce that our referees Mr. Ng Yun Kwang and Mr. Wong Fong Siang had successfully completed the AVC approved Asian Refereeing Candidate Course organised by the Chinese Taipei Volleyball Association. The course was held from 6 March 2023 to 12 March 2023 in Taichung City, Chinese Taipei. The course was attended by 21 Referees from 12 countries, including Japan, Macao, Philippines, Korea, Hong Kong China, Uzbekistan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Singapore, and Chinese Taipei.

During the course, both our referees had the opportunity to officiate the final round of the Junior Men’s and Women’s High School Volleyball Championships, Esun Juguang Cup (玉山莒光杯全国排球賽). The participating teams demonstrated a high level of volleyball skills and techniques at this competition. Mr. Ng and Mr. Wong performed variousfunctions such as First Referee, Second Referee, Scorer, Assistant  Scorer and Line Judges during the practical phase of their training. They also experienced first-hand working with the AVC E-Scoresheet System.

This outing enhanced our referees’ active learning, application of the rules of the game and complex refereeing issues. Both Mr. Ng and Mr. Wong shared that the course provided them with the experience and confidence to make timely decisions and is hugely beneficial to their future assignments in local and overseas competitions. They also had the opportunity to interact with officials from other Asian countries and exchanged ideas and shared experiences.

We look forward to supporting more local officials attending such courses and helping the fraternity grow the interest and passion for volleyball through officiating at the games.

“The essence of a good referee lies in the concepts of fairness, justice and consistency (being positioned in the middle of both playing courts is a symbol of balance). Together these allow the players to trust the referee’s actions. However, the referee must be a facilitator rather than a controller, an orchestra director rather than a dictator, an efficient promoter rather than an “efficient” punisher.” – FIVB Official Volleyball Rules 2021 – 2024