Announcement of Singapore Olympic Foundation-Peter Lim Scholarship 2024

The Singapore Olympic Foundation-Peter Lim Scholarship have launched the scholarship on the website – . The application for the scholarship closes on Thursday, 15 February 2024, 4.00pm.

The qualification criteria for the scholarship for the Year 2024 will be largely based on the applicant’s household income and the sporting achievements in the Year 2023 in their sports. Applicant keen to apply for the scholarship are to note that they are required to obtain endorsements from their schools and/or NSAs.

For the high performance U18 applicants, Volleyball Singapore will also be supporting your application with an NSA Assessment Form which details your coaching, training and competition plans for FY 2024.

To-date, the SOF-Peter Lim Scholarship have disbursed 4,519 awards of $10.45 million to 54 sports. Many of the recipients have benefited from their involvement in sports, and represented their clubs, schools and for some, even the nation in competitions and at major Games.
The category of awards are as follows:

Award categories Quantum
Primary $1,000.00
Secondary $2,000.00
JC/IP/Tertiary $3,000.00
High Performance under-18 $5,000.00


The scholarship have immensely benefited athletes since its launch on 29 June 2010 and supports aspiring athletes in fulfilling their sporting aspirations. Do find out more on the website and the application can be done online via the link in

Chia Min Chong
Secretary General
Volleyball Singapore