Volleyball Singapore Athletes Commission Election

The Athletes’ Commission is established with the primary goal of ensuring that the perspectives and concerns of our athletes are heard, valued, and integrated into the decision-making processes of Volleyball Singapore. Through open dialogue and constructive engagement, this commission will serve as a platform for athletes to express their views on matters affecting them and the broader Singapore Volleyball community.

The Commission will be composed of elected representatives from both disciplines, namely Volleyball and Beach Volleyball, ensuring a diverse and inclusive representation. These representatives will serve as ambassadors, bridging the gap between athletes and the Association. Under Clause 30.5 of our Constitution, the AC Chairperson is a member of the Volleyball Singapore’s Board with same voting rights as all other board member.

The Notice of Athletes Commission Election was circulated to voting athletes on 11 January 2024 to form the Athletes Commission (“AC” or “Commission”) under Article 30 of our Constitution. We are pleased to inform you that the nomination period for the Athletes Commission has concluded, and the number of nominees received is within the number of positions available on the Commission. As a result, the upcoming formation of the Athletes Commission will proceed without the need for an election. The members of the Volleyball Singapore Athletes Commission for 2023 – 2025 are: –

  • Mr Ang Jin Yuan, Travis (Volleyball);
  • Ms Sim Shu Qi, Adeline (Volleyball);
  • Mr Tan Ray Meng, Trevis (Beach Volleyball); and
  • Mr Wong Chang Wei (Volleyball)

However, under Article 30.2 of our Constitution, the AC shall comprise of no more than 5 elected members, who are either past or present national VAS athletes, including the Chairman who must be a former National VAS athlete.  As there were no former National VAS athlete nominated by voting athletes to helm the position of Chairman of the AC, the compliance with Article 30.2 was not fully met.

The Board therefore propose:

  1. For a shout out through this circular to former National athletes to offer themselves for nomination by a proposer and seconder (who must be voting athletes who have represented Singapore in the last twenty-four months); failing which;
  2. For one of the four AC members to nominate amongst themselves as Chairperson of the AC on the Board of Volleyball Singapore with voting rights in accordance with Article 30.5, giving due consideration that the Chairperson of the AC be empowered appropriately under the spirt of the Article.

In the event that there is only one former National athlete that is nominated to the AC, he/she shall be the Chairperson of the AC.

However, in the event that there are two or more former National athletes who submits their nomination form, the position of the AC Chairperson appointment shall be voted by the voting athletes.

The AC Chairperson plays an important role in leading the AC contribute to the diversity of views and ideas from the athlete’s perspective, which is critical for Volleyball Singapore to deliver its mandate for the sport.

We look forward to our former National athletes submitting the attached Annex A and Annex B to admin@volleyball.org.sg (email header as AC Chairman) by Tuesday, 6 February 2024, 6.00PM sharp.

For & on behalf of the Board


Chia Min Chong
Secretary General
Volleyball Singapore


Annex A – Athlete Commission Chairman Nomination form

Annex B – Athlete Commission Chairman Bio form